Terms of use

Terms of use

Cost of services
Our goal is to keep the original prices from the owners of real estate for you!
When concluding contracts, we add our remuneration to the bill of the party that provides the accommodation, so WE DO NOT CHARGE A FEE for rendering our services.

Moreover, we try to provide you with the lowest possible price for the real estate rental. Just let us know if you find the option we offer with identical conditions for a lower price, and we will do our best to grant a discount for you.

How does the booking process take place?
You choose the accommodation, we check its availability and effective price at your dates because sometimes the owners change prices without notification.
After confirming the availability and price, you receive the invoice and transfer the deposit for booking the accommodation.

We accept and also recommend using a bank transfer with SWIFT and Western Union support. We consider convenient payment systems in individual cases.

What occurs after reservation?
After reservation, we send the whereabouts of Your villa, all contact information and scan of the receipt about the deposit paid. Upon this, our cooperation is not finished. Our task is to organize you a paid transfer and to see to that You will settle in.

How is differed a deposit for reservation from a saved deposit and from commission?
The deposit for reservation — it is money that must be given to the host while reserving in order he will not rent this building to other people.
The saved deposit — it is money that are given to the host while settling in as the guarantee of safety of his property. As a rule, while settling in the deposit for reservation becomes the saved deposit and is stored in the building’s host, as the guarantee of safety of the building and its furniture. If upon leaving, all the furniture and household appliances are in order, the reserved deposit is returned to the leaseholder in full volume. If the building is damaged, the host takes from the saved deposit a part of the sum for himself, depending on the damage incurred.

Booking confirmation for visa receiving
Sometimes, you must provide the embassy with the booking confirmation (the receipt with the address in Thailand signed by the house-owner) to receive the visa. This service is free of charge.

What guarantees do You have?
Our company works in Thailand legally and has the license, a judicial information you can look here. We appreciate our reputation and always see to the quality of the services, rendered by us, in order to maintain their high level. For a more detailed information about us.
For a perspective, If You wish to become acquainted with the comments about our work, we recommend to visit the group in contact or facebook.

Why is the inaccurate location of buildings indicated on the map of Your site?
The map shows only the approximate location of buildings in order the clients can get a presentation in which area is the building. To give the precise location in the open access is unacceptable for us therefore, not entirely exact coordinates are given deliberately.

Why some objects are impossible to reserve beforehand?
Because some hosts are seeking for clients for the period of 4-6 months, since October to November (for the short term in the high season they always will find tenants).

Refusal from services of search
In rare cases, we can refuse You in the search of housing without explaining the reasons, if we consider that we will not be able to help you. Usually, it may be associated with too high demands and low budget.
Remember, that Samui island cannot be compared in price with Phuket and other popular places in Thailand or select your housing with our convenient system of search, this will allow save much time for us and reserve a villa in the shortest time possible.
In the case, if we understand that you are the intermediary and seek a housing not for yourself, we also reserve the right to refuse you in its search and further to ignore any messages on your part.