Lamai Beach – long and different area for swimming

Lamai Beach Koh Samui – is one of the three most famous beaches of the island. The other name is Silver Beach Koh Samui. Unlike the other three dozen beaches of Samui, Lamai is very different throughout the 5 kilometres. It is stretching from North-West to South-East. It even looks like there are three beaches in one, which locals divided into Central, Southern and Northern Lamai.

The Central part of Lamai is one kilometre length of flat line of the beach with the same width. Through the beach there are hotels that look for the cleanliness of their sites. This is the most crowded part of Lamai.

But the Northern part of the beach is very quiet. In this part there is a least number of vacationers And to find all noisy entertainment you have to walk at least a kilometer along the shore. There are also many stones of bizarre shape, which form a picturesque cozy coves. The sea is shallow and has pronounced tides.

The southern part of Lamai beach conventionally begins near the picturesque stones in front of the Bill Resort, and ends near the stones of Grandparents. The sea is almost immediately deep, but in there are stones, sometimes huge. And be careful – there are sea urchins!

Swimming and sunbathing on Lamai beach

Entering the water in the Central section of Lamai is ideal. This is the best sandy entrance to the sea on the island. By the way, the width of the beach is 40 meters, which are open to the sun throughout the Central part of Lamai.

In front of each hotel there are sun loungers and parasols, which can be borrowed for rent. So, trees grow very rarely, at the very edge of the shore, where the sand ends and the grass begins. In Central Lamai there is no source of natural shade closer than 30 meters from the water.