Koh Tao – the turtle island with beautiful nature

Koh Tao – the turtle island with beautiful nature

Koh Tao – a beautiful and picturesque island in the Gulf of Thailand. Its name is translated from Thai as “Turtle island”. Previously, it was home to a large number of turtles, but after it became a popular tourist resort, the number of them became smaller. Anyway there are a lot of sculptures of turtles on the island and many beautiful sandy beaches, coral reefs and greenery.

About the island

The size of Tao island is quite small. Its area is approximately 21 km2. The nearest point of the mainland (Surat Thani province) in 67 km, Koh Samui is in 64 km, and Koh Phangan is in 35 km. To get from Bangkok to Koh Tao you can by plane (to Koh Samui at first and then by ferry from Koh Samui to Koh Tao) or by bus and ferry.

It is an inhabited island, but there is a well-developed infrastructure. So if desired, you can stay overnight in the hotel. The island has quite a lot of shops, including “7-eleven”, shopping malls with clothes, cafes, restaurants, pharmacies, ATMs, exchangers, hotels and even houses for rent. So, it is quite comfortable to live here. But the prices are higher than on the mainland.

Koh Tao attractions

The island has very few attractions. Mostly tourists come here for beautiful beaches, tropical views, diving Koh Tao and snorkeling. The most popular place is the observation deck Two View. it offers stunning views of the entire island. It is well equipped and almost every tourist tends to get here.

Another tourist destination is the area with a monument to King Rama V. The King came to the island and left his signature on the rock. Later his monument was erected here. This attraction is located in the southern part of the beach Sairee Beach.

There is also a fishing Museum and a nature conservation centre on the island. And, of course, diamond caves. A favorite place for many tourists. Find all attractions you can on a special Koh Tao map.

Koh Tao weather

The dry season lasts from late December to April. This period is the best time to relax on the island. Since may, the amount of precipitation increases, but it is not critical. Therefore, it is also quite good meteo Koh Tao for relaxing. The most unfavorable months for a trip to the island are October, November and the first half of December. At this time, the weather Koh Tao is rainy, the sea rises large waves.


Diving and Koh Tao snorkeling

Most tourists come to island to enjoy the beauty of its underwater world. And there are many things to see. In the coastal waters of Tao island you can see turtle, stingrays, reef and whale sharks. The island has dozens of diving schools, where you can learn everything you need for discovering underwater world.