Chaweng beach – for parties, food and entertainment

Chaweng beach Koh Samui is one of the three most popular beaches of the island. First of all it is for those who want an active nightlife, noise, parties and a beautiful beach holiday.

Chaweng stretches for two kilometres from Ark Bar to the rocky promontory bordering Chaweng Noi. By the way, the width of the beach is about the same throughout its length – from 40 to 50 meters of very soft and loose sand. So nowhere else on Koh Samui there is no such colour of the sea, as in Chaweng.

The entire beach is occupied by hotels. Chaweng Noi Beach is one solid platform for entertainment, noisy, crowded, fun and drunk. So, fans of uninhabited islands shouldn’t settle nearby. One of the features of Chaweng beach is its geographical location. It is situated near to the ends of the runway Samui airport. Depending on the wind, tourists can watch the takeoffs or landings of Airliners about once every half hour.

Koh Samui Chaweng beach is really great for youngers and people who love parties. Also there is a huge variety of restaurants. Of course prices much higher than in small cafes, but the atmosphere is like nowhere.

Swimming on Chaweng beach

From the beginning to the end of Chaweng, entering the water is not difficult by anything. The sandy shore turns into a sandy bottom, which gradually goes to depth. This is an ideal beach for swimming. So you can dive to the chest in 20-40 meters from the shore. Due to this, the tides have little effect on the characteristics of Chaweng beach, allowing you to fully relax even at a peak hours of low tide.

There is no any large stones or algae on the beach. And in the North, where the shallow Chaweng Yai adjoins, there are small sandbanks – a great place for children’s entertainment.