Koh Samui car rentals for best vacation ever

Koh Samui car rentals for best vacation ever

Are you thinking about moving around the island? Koh Samui car rentals is the best solution! Increased mobility and increased security. In addition, you are not depending on public transport or any weather, be it rain or scorching heat. It’s really cheaper than using a taxi.

So Koh Samui car rental gives you the freedom to explore. Beaches, shops, attractions of the island, everything becomes accessible. Traveling with family or company, for vacation or business, you can choose any car from our collection. Please note that we have weekly and monthly rates. For more information about car rental in Koh Samui, service and operation, please contact us. 

Why is Koh Samui car rentals better?

Samui is not suitable for hiking (streets with sidewalks can be counted on the fingers), besides walking along the road in the thirty-degree heat, not the most pleasant occupation.

Taxi in Koh Samui is more expensive than in New York. In addition, not all taxi drivers are tolerably explained in English. And it is possible that for a lot of money you get really bad service. Buying excursions is also not an option for a person who knows how to count his money and time.

Of course you can use public transport… And there is another small problem – there is no public transport in Samui. In theory, this role is performed by songteo – a pickup truck with benches in the back. And again, in theory, it is cheap, but the fact is opposite.

Public transport is actually a rare luck and the fare will be depending on the destination, and it is not always cheap. There are no fixed prices. In addition, in the evening they work like ordinary taxis, but with an unusually high price tag.

Our advantage

To exceed your service expectations, we provide the best Koh Samui car rent experts. Contact us and enjoy your journey!