Angtong National Marine Park – everyone must visit

Angtong National Marine Park tour is the best attraction of Samui. Although locals protect the territory strictly, tourists can come and see the beauty. And it is the only opportunity to discover pristine nature of Southeast Asia. It opened in 1980 and now includes 42 islands, twenty of them are quite suitable for this definition. And the rest are rather wooded rocks in the middle of the sea. 80% of the 102 square kilometers of the Park area are underwater coral reefs.

The special charm of the Park is in the fact that all the rocks and islands are made of limestone, subject to wind and sea erosion. Visitors appear to see majestic nature sculptures, sculptured by Nature itself. Their height in some places reaches five hundred meters above sea level. Go to Angtong National Marine Park by speedboat and enjoy whimsically indented small bays coastline and beautiful caves.

Flora and Fauna of the Angtong National Marine Park

All the islands are surrounded by lush tropical vegetation. And the trees are able to take root even on a thin soil layer at the very tops of the rocks. Most of these plants are endangerous and endemic. The coastal zone, shallows and muddy swamps are occupied by mangroves with their characteristic aerial horses, similar to stilts.

The marine fauna of Mu Koh Angthong National Marine Park is not so diverse and attractive. Rivers flowing down from the mountains all year round carry silt and various debris. Because of this, the water of the shallow Gulf of Siam is permanently muddy and fish don’t like it too much. So near to the shore live mainly mussels and oysters. And also those, whose house is overgrown with algae, sea horses, for example.

Anyway on the North-Eastern coast there is a clear water and coral reefs. There you can see bright fish – sea parrots, angel fish, rays, there is only the of the Islands, and even then a narrow strip. Take Angthong National Marine Park private tour and you will see the real magic of the nature.